Why To Get the Best Biometric Piston Safe?

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best biometric gun safe

Today, internet is flooded with many biometric pistol safe reviews. Apparently, there is so much to the gun safes mechanism than what many reviewers realize. Suppose you do not know what you want, then gun safe shopping may prove to be the task from hell. No two biometric pistol safes are made equal. Only the reliable ones may have the supreme fingerprint accuracy. As we cannot afford to take any chances with the personal safety, this helps to get the safe with the lowest fail-rate. Moreover, get the product from trusted brand only and be assured of the complete privacy and security.

Using the Fingerprint Sensor

It is an obvious one– instead of fumbling with the dial lock, and punch in the key code, the biometric pistol safes comes unlocked by fingerprint scanning against this sensor – and this takes only some seconds, and it works best even in dark (opposed to the conventional keypad and dial systems): ideal for the users who want the weapon easily accessible for the self-defense at any time.

Certain Limitations of the Biometric Pistol Safes

best biometric gun safe

Sensor only relies on identifying the key patterns on the fingerprint, and for it to happen, prints should be visible. It means that the people who ever suffer from any skin altering medical states or whose prints are worn out may have really hard time in having the prints recognized.

Maintenance overhead

Optical sensor that scans your fingerprints needs to be kept totally free from dirt or grease for this to get the clear image –it needs using the soft and lint free cloth or acetone, and repeatedly sticking and unsticking this with the cellophane tape, and there is extra overhead with the safes. Let us look at the best biometric pistol safe review

SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2E

Having the pistol safe, but quietly and quickly in hand when you want it the most is what SentrySafe Access is about. With sufficient space for adding 2 moderate sized of handguns and 1 larger gun the pry resistant lock features the quiet gas pistol at the door with 12 gauge steel make.


  • Mounting options: tethering steel cable
  • Number of users: Four
  • Internal Dimensions: 14×6.5×2.2”

It is one perfect fingerprint vault specifically made for storing some weapons as well as giving you the quick and single handed access whenever you want it the most. It’s small to be portable, and large to store two firearms. 8