Environmentally-Friendly Waste Removal With Waste Express

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Effective waste removal is beneficial for every environment, helping to keep pests at bay and creating a cleaner atmosphere in the home. Rubbish is no longer a useless commodity, but a valuable, sustainable resource that can be put to further use, particularly in creating energy.

Thermal Heating

There’s mounting concern for the increase in greenhouse gases and the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Waste rubbish is increasingly being viewed as a renewable source and used to create energy. In recent years, Sweden has successfully reduced the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites to just 4%. The heat generated by incinerating tons of rubbish is used to provide electricity for up to a quarter of a million homes. The scheme has been such a success that Sweden even imports rubbish to satisfy demand.

Rubbish Converted To Gas

Large amounts of household rubbish, including unrecyclable items, are currently heading for a brand new processing plant in Swindon where it will be used to create an alternative gas. Efficient waste removal schemes are helping to provide rubbish, the raw material. The plant is expected to eventually produce sufficient quantities of gas to provide heating for a third of residential homes in the United Kingdom.

Electric Vehicles

In Huddersfield, a new style of rubbish collecting vehicle has been introduced that is powered by electricity obtained from an Energy from Waste (EfW) industrial plant. The electricity is harnessed from the energy produced when rubbish is burnt at temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius. The EfW plant is also supplying surplus electricity to the National Grid.

Recycling Household Appliances

If household appliances such as fridges and cookers are simply added to a rubbish pile, they eventually begin to release harmful chemicals into the soil and surrounding area. If they have some life left in them, they can be repaired for further use. Items that are beyond repair can be broken down correctly to remove any harmful substances before being sold as scrap metal.

Hidden Treasures

Some of the most popular places to hide unwanted rubbish include the attic, spare room, cupboards, garage, garden shed and even the garden itself. Every home probably has at least one cluttered spot that is in desperate need of attention. Buried beneath piles of discarded rubbish, which often includes half a ton of newspapers, there could be valuable old heirlooms that time has forgotten.

Speed And Efficiency

Many people defer a major clear out because they can’t spare the time, yet there are waste removal companies such as Waste Express who are more than happy to do the whole task from beginning to end. With localised depots throughout the whole country, Waste Express can send a two man team within a couple of hours of being booked and if the job proves to a big one, reinforcements can be quickly on their way.

Economic And Ecological

Waste Express are playing their part in recycling rubbish at affordable rates every day of the week, helping to keep the environment clean and healthy and providing resources for energy. They’ll even uncover your old antiques and provide certification for probate. With a flexible service that does all the hard work for you, why live with unwanted clutter?

Resourceful Waste

Rubbish can have so many beneficial uses, it shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste. It can provide warmth, create fuel and when appropriately recycled, different metals can be used again in manufacturing. Effective waste removal is an ecologically-friendly initiative that makes the best use of a renewable, sustainable resource.