Idea Online Recharge for Instant Recharge of Messaging Services

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When you make an online recharge, you enjoy a number of amazing benefits. There are many wallet companies that offer instant Idea online recharge. You will find a range of different SMS packs are available at very affordable prices where one can enjoy a specified number of SMS, both locally and on roaming. The validity period is also mentioned against each plan. Against each plan the blackout dates are all mentioned when the pack benefits are not valid.

Let’s us briefly go through the technicalities of the short messaging services (SMS) and Multimedia messaging (MMS). Both the services work fine on the two types of Digital wireless telephony called GSM that stands for Global System for Mobile communication and CDMA that is the short form for Code Division Multiple Access. GMS is the popularly preferred technology over CDMA.

SMS and MMS technology

SMS is the exchange of text messages between two mobile phone users through the use of mobile communication systems. The mechanism is as mentioned below:-

  • The text only message is first forwarded to a short message center which is then forward to the recipient’s mobile number. If the recipient’s number is switched off or is in a no-network area and the message does not go through, it is resent later.
  • SMS cannot be larger than 160 characters that can be formed from alphanumeric characters.
  • Since they are sent through signaling channels they can be sent and received simultaneously with voice and data services in the GSM network.
  • SMS have the option of return receipt that is when the recipient received the message the sender is notified.
  • Sending short messages can be done at the local, national and international level through the GSM and the CDMA
  • The good part about sms is that they can be sent at anytime of the day or night. A personal text message that is delivered right to the intended recipient’s hand phone. Even if the recipient has his mobile switched off the message will surely be delivered to him right away.
  • The disadvantage of this service is that other than text messages no other form of communication can be exchanged. Also the messages have limited character size. When bulk sms is being sent, there are chances of delivery failures because of service interruptions.

MMS on the other hand is allows user to share multimedia like images, voices, videos and text messages. The good part about MMS is:

  • One can share personal photos and videos and even personalized voice messages because of this service
  • Unlike SMS, MMS does not have any limitations in terms of the number of characters that can be used. Also one can format text and use more styles.
  • The downside of MMS is that the messages created on one phone are not readable on phone belonging to another company or brand because of compatibility issues between the handset models from different brands. For proper delivery and receipt of MMS the mobile phones need to be technically superior and configured properly else the delivery will fail.When sending MMS messages in bulk to different networks the service could be highly delayed.