Tips to travel alone in train

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Indian Railways as we all know is one the best long distance transport networks in the whole world. With more than 19 thousand trains running from one corner of the country to the other corner on a regular basis, this is the most reliable long distance journey transport in India. On the other hand, train journeys are also very much affordable as the train fares cost something which is very much in the limit of the middle class people.

It is also an amazing ride when on train. People mostly live in cities which are nothing but concrete jungles. So a train journey means one can see a lot of greeneries and passing villages, small town and even cities through their windows. That is why; a window seat in a train journey is a very precious one.

But if you are travelling alone, then there are certain measures that you should take. This will make your journey easier and safer.

Once you have boarded the train, then the primary thing is to find your allotted berth and adjust your luggage first. Then help your friends and family to find theirs. After finding your seat, always sit there first and make way for the other passengers to find their own seat. Do not stand in the middle of the passage or roam from one place to another in the coach to create a blockage for others. After boarding the train there is no need to get into the platform anymore. This is because; catching a train while it is on the move can be dangerous for any individual.

Carry the least amount of luggage possible. When you are travelling alone, there is no one else who can help you with the luggage adjustments. So lighter the luggage, the easier is to carry them. Also lock the luggage well and keep it safe under the berth. Otherwise, there can be chances of luggage misplacement and theft. If you have to leave the seat for some reasons like going to the toilet or going to wash hands, then ask your fellow passenger to look after your luggage for a moment. The best thing is to buy a chain and lock your luggage with the berth so that you can sleep peacefully in an overnight journey.

When you are travelling alone you can always carry food from home. This is safe because home food means there is less chance of one to feel sick after having food. But also one can order food in train. They will be delivered if the train has a pantry. Or else, one can order online food from e catering services.

Always keep some emergency medicines handy. Like some crocins, headache pills, medicines for loose motion or vomiting. This can be very useful if one feels sick due to some reasons while travelling. Also, carry a hand sanitizer with you.

One can also carry a light paperback when travelling alone so that they can spend time after it is dark outside.