How SMS Services Can Help Small Businesses.

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Everyone is glued to their phones today and cheap technology has enabled all consumers to buy smartphones. Thatwas a golden opportunity for all businesses which led to the development of information systems for marketing and sales of products. There are applications which are available online that allow businesses to send promotional SMS on the phones of consumers, which leads to the widespread propagation of their product. SMS is a global service that can be accessed by everyone all around the world, which increases the communication of any company with their consumer base.This has been one of the primary reasons why big magnates and small businesses are opting for SMS services. Another reason is that it is a cost-effective method of communication. Promotion through instant messaging is not as effective as SMS because people don’t usually open links and read webpages full of advertisements. SMS has a pre-defined length of 160 characters which makes promotional messages very precise and simple. The promotional codes present in these text messages are widely used by consumers which makes SMS an important channel of marketing.

The use of SMS in small business promotion-

  • Sales and Marketing promotion- Many companies visit websites which offer initial perks such as promotional message pack which can be used on a demo basis before purchasing a full-fledged message platform. SMS based services can also be used as a subordinate for helping the major advertising campaigns.
  • Discount coupons and vouchers- Coupons can be tedious to use online because if there is no internet connection or faulty internet connection, then scanning or typing the coupon code may not work. There are many websites which provide links for sharing to get money off any product or service. This makes it a pain in the neck for organizers to calculate the total discount with the coupons. The use of one-time coupons can make the process simpler. Some websites have developed SMS based coupon distribution which makes it easier to integrate into the system as opposed to the usual paper-based coupons.
    The biggest relief with SMS based coupons is the reduction of filling forms to subscribe to the email newsletter. Customers would rather compromise on filling a small form in an area with bad reception for one coupon. SMS based systems increase future chances of communication with the consumer in the form of bulk texting.
  • Product Launches- Customers can be easily informed about product launches through bulk SMS. Business texting for marketing about products guarantees high open rates, easy linking to mobile app/play store, and personalization if proper data is available. At the cost of access, third party lists can be employed for sending bulk messages during product launches.
  • Reminders for appointments- The bulk SMS service is used by various doctors and dental practitioners for booking of appointments. However, a big hassle occurs when patients don’t show up. SMS services can be used for reminders to patients about their appointments along with an option for early cancellation of the appointment if some problem occurs on the patient’s side. The reminders can be automated and it reduces the burden of manual calling all patients for confirmations of appointments.