Bariatric Surgery Recovery

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Once anyone has undergone Bariatric surgery, it may take at least five days of recovery from this condition. In case any complications arises post surgery, then some patients may also take more time to recover. If you have gone through laparoscopic surgical process then the recovery time may be must lesser.

One may also be under close observation by the hospital staff after post surgery. The doctor may prescribe monitoring your vision, respiration, pulse, BP rate and temperature after surgery.

Some of the hospital staff may also suggest you to perform mild exercise sessions for breathing, coughing, movement and control other ailments on account of complications after surgery. In some cases, patients may also develop immediate symptoms for breathe shortness, elevated pain, spasms- muscular, anxiety and nausea that has to be reported immediately as developed.

To certain extent, patients may also experience fatigue, vomit sensation, surgical pain, insomnia, nausea, loose stools, appetite loss, emotional irregularities, headaches, weakness and gastric pain. The symptoms can be noted after few days of undergoing surgery.

Pain management

Some of the top bariatric surgeons in the world may also suggest that patients do experience pain after the surgical procedure. For some, they may also experience pain in the shoulder and neck region. The pain is common once you undergo laparoscopic surgery.

Some patients may also experience discomfort after surgery. For effective recovery it is important for patients to manage pain management. It is important that the patient should be able to cough, walk and breathe easily after surgery to help recover fast.

Improve your comfort level at the time of pain

Even if you are suffering from pain, it is important to maintain your best comfort level.

  • In case you feel pain then it is advisable to let the doctor know about it. This is important especially if it keeps you from making basic body movements. The moment you inform the nurse and doctor regarding the pain they may be able to help you.
  • It is also advisable to stay prepared for pain. It is obvious that you will need a pain medication the moment you want to make small or big movement.
  • Avoid taking pain medication even before you experience pain as the medication will only prove helpful if you experience pain.

Exercise for fast recovery

One of the most effective ways to help boost the circulatory system is to try and change your sleep position very often, or even try and walk for some time. The moment your body receives sufficient amount of blood, then it may also prove helpful in fast recovery and healing. A little amount of exercise session will always prove helpful. In case you just underwent surgery then it is advisable to repeat a few sessions every hour. Be sure your sessions are very much mild. The night you had undergone surgery try and maintain little amount of body movement.

You can also request the nurse of hospital staff to assist you for exercise sessions. For two or three days after surgery try and include walking sessions in daily routine. Avoid running or excessive body movement for few days.