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Tourism has been the third important sector in the economy of the Thailand after exports and agriculture. Among many industries, tourism has been listed in the first place. the country is without any doubt on one of the favorite tourism destination, in part mainly because of the natural friendliness of the people, in further part mainly because of the relatives ease and also the safety of traveling in Thailand areas which would be easily done on both low and high traveler personal economies.

This type of situation is the considerable flux and this also concerns about viability of the major tourist industry of the Thailand as growing. Some new economy policies and the currency fluctuations have been put the important dent in the exports as the source of GDP, and this is increasingly severe fact and the predictable weather, mainly droughts and flood all throughout the country are in increasing concern to the agriculturalist.

These kinds of changes will make viability of the tourist industry of the Thailand as all more important. When the country has survived the threats to the industry like bird flu, SARS, and the 2004 tsunami related intact, the tourism operators and the officials are only aware that large scale of bird flu epidemic or another tsunami may have devastating the effect on the industry.

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