Here’s One More Reason Why Inns are the Way to Go

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If you’ve ever stayed in an inn, also known as a bed and breakfast, you probably already know all the ways staying in an inn outweighs staying in a hotel.

The rooms are more comfy, there aren’t a ton of other guests (usually not more than a handful), the customer service is personalized, the breakfast is fresh, and the list goes on and on…

As if those reasons weren’t enough already, many bed and breakfast owners have recently taken to going green.

Is that awesome or what!? Bed and breakfast owners care about you as a guest and they care about the environment. Just another reason to choose an inn over a hotel.

How you can help B&Bs stay green?

There are many ways you can contribute, and all of those ways are fairly simple:

Turn lights off when you exit rooms

This is probably the easiest way you can help people who run B&Bs. When you make a conscious effort to turn lights off when they’re not in use, you’re reserving energy and helping the owner keep the electricity bill low.

The same thing goes with water.

Ask the people working if they can email you receipts and other important documents

If you have a smartphone, you should receive those emails almost immediately. This will keep excess paper from being used and will keep printing/empty ink cartridges at a minimum.

Casually tell the B&B owner ways he or she could easily go green

Although many, many B&B owners have already gone green, some of them may not have jumped on the bandwagon yet, and it could be because they’re not sure where to start.

You can kindly make recommendations about recycling, emailing receipts, or using a water purifier on sinks instead of purchasing numerous cases of bottled water.

The owner of the B&B might have additional, more complex ways of keeping the environment clean, like installing solar panels, making a compost garden, providing guests with cloth napkins rather than paper, making natural cleaning products, or installing compact fluorescent light bulbs in light fixtures.